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The Forum Shops

Caesar’s Palace

The Forum Shops at Caesars is a 634,000 square foot mall located adjacent to Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. Built as an extension wing of the main casino at Caesars Palace, this was the first destination mall on The Strip, the mall now fronts on The Strip.

This unique indoor shopping environment boasts a unique atmosphere that simulates ancient Roman streets including fountains, statues, and facades. It features a ceiling painted of the sky that goes through a 24 hour day every hour. Realistic appearing stone statues in the fountains of the mall, come to life and perform several times throughout the day.

The venue includes more than 160 shops, luxury, and haute couture boutiques as well as 13 specialty food shops and restaurants. It is one of the most successful shopping malls in the United States.

Alcorn McBride equipment is used throughout, including the famous changing sky effect, which is run by a LightCue.

“Famous changing sky effect is run by a LightCue”



Client Name: Caesar’s Palace
Location: Las Vegas, NV


Installer: SPL


Audio: Digital Binloop
Video: Video Binloop
Lighting: DMX Machine
Show Control: V16+