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New Product File: Script with Weather

Published 8/3/20

We still can’t control the weather (yet), but have you ever wanted the weather to control your attraction? Well now it can!

Soon a new product file will be added to our library to gather data from a WeatherFlow Tempest device.

With a WeatherFlow Tempest device connected to your network, our show controllers can access device variables that provide you with wind speed, UV Index, temperature, luminance, precipitation levels, lightning strike distance…

Device Variables you’ll gain access to with the Tempest product file.


With this information in your script, creative possibilities are endless! You could do things such as controlling interior lighting to mimic exterior light levels, triggering fake windows to play video content based upon real weather outside, have characters in an attraction comment about the weather…

From a network perspective, the WeatherFlow Tempest does connect to a wireless network. It does NOT need any access to the internet.  It can mount on a pole or be mounted flat to a surface. It just needs to be out on a roof somewhere where it’ll get the right weather to give you accurate data. It’s got a built-in battery and solar cells to charge itself. What a neat device!

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]