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Winscript Live 5.13.3 is now available!

Published 2/1/22


  • (Showtouch) Reduced memory needed by ShowTouch to load scripts.

Bug Fixes:

  • (All Products) Fixed issue that could cause controller to crash when using the “false” keyword within a “when statement is true” trigger.
  • (Product File Creator) Integer parameter default range now set to full possible range.
  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issue that could occasionally render RidePlayer unable to play audio after booting up.
  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issue that could cause RidePlayer to stop playing audio after thousands of audio commands had been executed.
  • (V16X) Fixed issue that could cause the RTC to change to random date/time after being set from the front panel.
  • (WinScript) Fixed issue where copying/pasting something into the watchlist could result in a blank entry.
  • (WinScript) Fixed issue that could cause FTP passwords to be reset after reopening the device wizard for a device.
  • (WinScript) Fixed issue where giving a device variable the same name as the device may cause an erroneous warning to be reported.
  • (WinScript) Fixed issue where creating a new RidePlayer script could use the previously opened script’s DSP settings by default.
  • (WinScript) Fixed issue where incorrect log levels were shown in the live log.
  • (WinScript) Fixed issue in event wizard that could remove a previously set audio fade out when editing an existing event.

To manually download this update, please visit our software page.