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WinScript Live 5.11.2 Has Arrived! BinloopX Edition

Published 2/25/21

WinScript Live 5.11.2 is now available! This release of WinScript Live is the first to include BinloopX functionality.

New Features:

  • Support for BinloopX
  • (RidePlayer) Speaker polarity is now user-configurable.

Bug Fixes:

  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issue with DSP filters 3-7 not taking effect.
  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issues in RidePlayer product file’s remote protocol.
  • (RidePlayer) Added missing “In Port” event to product file.
  • (RidePlayer) Added missing custom log levels to product file.
  • (V16ProS) Fixed issue where latitude/longitude could not be set.
  • (Binloop) Product file fixes for “get status”, “get filename” and “wait for search” events for multiple Binloop models
  • (RidePlayer) Fix for occasional audio static when in Dante passthrough mode.
  • (V4X/V16X) Fixed issue where controller would not send messages to all connected clients when operating as a TCP server
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue where “Hide from ShowTouch” sequence option would also cause sequence to disappear in WinScript.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue with initial value helper for LCDString variables not setting the value properly.

To manually download this update, please visit our software page.