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WinScript Live 5.10.1 Has Arrived! A Spooky Halloween Release

Published 10/30/20

WinScript auto-updates will begin detecting WinScript Live 5.10.1 later today.

You find bugs spooky? We do too! In this release, we’ve squashed a few of them:

Bug Fixes:

  • (V4X/V16X) Fixed firmware issue where accessing “date” and “time” device variables in a script could cause significant performance issues on V4X and V16X.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue where Dante was no longer being used as the default audio clock source for new RidePlayer scripts.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue where NTP/PTP port settings could be reverted to their defaults if “Master Clock” and “Clock Out” settings were changed at different times in the Sync/Timecode dialog.

To manually download this update, please visit our software page.