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WinScript Live 5.7.2 Has Arrived!

Published 4/8/20

WinScript auto-updates will begin detecting WinScript Live 5.7.2 later today. In this update, you can find the following feature adds and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • Added support for “motor halt” event in Weigl ProCommander AX product file.
  • (RidePlayer) Added events to stop all audio, mute all audio, and unmute all audio on a RidePlayer (requires product file update.)
  • (WinScript Live) Added the ability to add variable aliases to the watchlist.

Bug Fixes:

  • (All Products) Fixed issue that could cause retrieval of remote show and device variables to not work as expected.
  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issue that could cause a remote RidePlayer sequence which played media with the “auto” player to not start playback when started remotely with an offset.
  • (V16X/V4X) Fixed issue that caused VX series controllers to not handle TCP FIN process correctly, which could cause disconnections from QSys cores to not be detected.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue that could cause device communication to not appear in the Live Log if array variables were being watched.

To manually download this update, please visit our software page.