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RideAmp-350Q Development Kit

Din-rail Mount Power Supply

Pre-terminated Molex Cables

M12 X-Code Ethernet Cable

Quickly Prototype Any RideAmp-350Q System

This kit can be used to quickly bench test or mockup a system involving a RideAmp-350Q

Most on-board systems use highly customized wiring to suit the vehicle design.  For that reason, our RideAmp-350Q uses Molex MiniFit Jr. style connectors for quick and easy custom termination.  While this is great for permanent installations, we decided to offer this development kit so that custom terminated wiring would not be required in a temporary bench testing or mockup environment.

The RideAmp-350Q Development Kit contains pre-made Molex connectors for each interface on the product complete with wiring pigtails.  This allows you to quickly wire up your application without requiring you to crimp any connectors.

This kit includes:

  • (1) 24VDC 20A Din-Rail Power Supply
  • (1) M12 X-Code to RJ45M Ethernet Cables
  • (1) Speaker Output Harnesses
  • (1) Line Input Harnesses

When it comes time to build custom harnesses for your vehicle fleet, our CONKIT-RIDEAMP-350Q accessory provides a complete set of blank Molex connectors and unterminated pins that can be used to fabricate your own cables.  The RideAmp-350Q User’s Guide also provides a complete pinout of every connector along with the associated Molex part numbers, recommended wire gauge, etc.

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