Products Designed for Themed Entertainment



Frame Accurate Controller

No Moving Parts

Easy Timeline Programming

2 Ethernet Ports

16 Inputs/16 Outputs

16 RS-232/422 Ports

Video Frame Synchronization

Timecode Reader/Generator

The V16Pro is uniquely designed to suit the complicated control needs and ease of maintenance demanded by modern attractions.

We believe that attraction designers should spend more time focusing on their vision than worrying about how to make it work.  That’s why we designed the V16Pro to use a script-like approach that makes it easy to translate creativity into functional control.  Its purpose-built solid-state design ensures that the creative intent is delivered consistently throughout the life of the attraction.
The V16Pro features all of the control interfaces common with themed attractions including dual Ethernet ports, serial, MIDI, SMPTE timecode, real-time clock, discrete IO, and easy touch panel integration.  Its extensive library of devices allows you to control hundreds of devices with easy-to-understand commands like “Play” and “Power On” without dealing with complicated control protocols.  The timeline feature ensures that audio, video, lighting, effects, and other common entertainment systems are precisely synchronized with each other to ensure an amazing guest experience.
The V16Pro is not a computer.  Its purpose-built design means it is capable of running your attraction with perfect consistency and absolutely no maintenance throughout the life of the attraction.  It’s easy to understand why the best attractions in the world have been relying on Alcorn McBride to run their show every day for the past 30 years.