Products Designed for Themed Entertainment



Our show controllers are purpose-built for show control. Our line of show controllers are not PC’s, meaning they are not susceptible to crashes, viruses, or spyware. Alcorn McBride show controllers are built to run your attraction, period. This is why the largest Theme Parks, Museums, and top Design Consultants rely on these products to run the best attractions in the world.

BinloopWhether you need a small player for a stand-alone HD display or crisp 4K120 uncompressed projection, there’s a video player in our line that’s perfect for your application. These purpose-built devices use the latest in solid-state technologies to ensure smooth reliable playback with performance and reliability that PC-based servers simply can’t touch.

Alcorn McBride’s suite of audio products offers a comprehensive set of solutions ideal for theme parks, museums, and other themed attractions. This includes compact and rugged audio devices designed specifically for ride vehicle environments as well as rack-mount devices for applications that require multi-channel synchronous playback or point-source audio playback. These devices offer professional features like polyphonic playback, Network audio output (Dante, AES67, or Cobranet), integrated DSP, and amplification.

Alcorn McBride offers the best onboard audio systems in the industry, complete with the latest show control, audio playback, synchronization, and interconnect features demanded by themed entertainment. Unlike automotive or marine audio equipment, you can depend on these products to synchronize perfectly with the subsystems of your attraction while surviving the brutal environment of theme park vehicles. Other huge advantages like DC-power input, advanced show control, rugged industrial connectors, and remote control/monitoring make our RidePlayer and RideAmp products the ultimate solution for theme park vehicles.

Our V-Page paging stations offer the most flexible paging solutions in the industry. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf paging station or a powerful kit that you can use to build your own custom operator’s console, we’ve got you covered. Rather than using proprietary IP-based communications that are difficult to design and troubleshoot, our V-Page products leverage the industry-standard Dante and AES67 network audio protocols. This family of products also integrates cleanly with DSP platforms like Q-Sys for easy setup and installation.

The Alcorn McBride V-Com family of intercom stations offers the scalability and flexibility demanded by themed attractions. This product family offers both an off-the-shelf station, and also an intercom station kit that can be used to build your own custom operator’s consoles. Their tight integration with DSP platforms like Q-Sys as well as industry-standard distribution through Dante or AES67 network audio protocols also makes them a breeze to configure, install, and troubleshoot.