Products Designed for Themed Entertainment




Purpose-Built Embedded Design

Precise Clock Sync via PTP, NTP, or GPS

Genlock Input/Output

SMPTE Timecode Generator/Reader

TFT Status Display

Uncompressed Audio/Video Playback

Modular Architecture

Redundant Power Supply

The BinloopX is a modular multi-channel Audio/Video platform designed to handle all of your high-quality synchronized playback needs.

The industry’s favorite synchronized A/V player has been completely reengineered with our X-Series architecture to be the ultimate A/V platform for themed attractions. By leveraging the power of our industry-standard show control engine and the precision of our advanced SyncCore synchronization system, the BinloopX integrates seamlessly with the Alcorn McBride ecosystem of products. This makes it the perfect solution to add high-quality A/V playback to any attraction.

The BinloopX itself is a 3U rack-mount chassis complete with redundant power supply, BX-CON1 control module, TFT status displays, and 8 slots that can be used to install A/V modules as needed. The BX-CON1 control module is equipped with our X-Series show control platform and SyncCore system, which provides extremely versatile control features and precise synchronization with other attraction systems via PTP, NTP, GPS, SMPTE LTC or Genlock. This system also provides sample-accurate audio clocks and frame-accurate video clocks for all A/V modules installed within the BinloopX chassis.

With multiple BX-4KU video modules, a single BinloopX chassis can provide up to (2) channels of 8K, (8) channels of 4K/UHD, or (32) channels of 2K/HD. With BX-16A audio modules, a single BinloopX chassis can provide up to 128 outputs of 24-bit 48kHz uncompressed audio with up to 512 tracks of audio playback that can be mixed to those outputs. These modules can be mixed and matched as needed to scale the capabilities of the BinloopX to meet the needs of your attraction.

Experience the ultimate in audio and video playback with Alcorn McBride reliability.