Products Designed for Themed Entertainment

A/V Binloop


32 Track/16 Channel Synchronous Audio/Video Player

No Moving Parts

Frame Accurate Video Synchronization

Timecode Sync

16 Video Channels

32 Tracks 16-Bit Audio (16 Stereo)


Cobranet Option

Dante / AES67 Option

The A/V Binloop is the ultimate frame-accurate synchronized audio and video player. With no moving parts, this player provides up to 16 channels/32 tracks of ultra-reliable playback that outlasts any other.

For close to three decades, our Digital Binloop has been the industry standard for theme park audio playback. The A/V Binloop carries on the product line’s history of providing reliable, high-quality playback.

The A/V Binloop is a multi-channel standard-definition video and audio player that can provide up to 16 channels of synchronous or asynchronous video and up to 32 tracks of 16-bit audio in a very small form factor. It can be used as an A/V source for one show or for an entire building.

The A/V Binloop is perfect for video wall applications. Unlike most commercial video devices, the A/V Binloop provides a video source to each screen. This eliminates the loss of quality due to stretching commonly seen in traditional video wall controllers. With a variety of control options – Ethernet, RS-232, playlists, SMPTE timecode – and outputs – composite, component – the A/V Binloop is economical and highly reliable.