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Digital Video Machine HD


Single Channel HD Video Playback with Sync and SDI


GPS Triggered

1080p, 1080i, 720p

Over 100 Hours of Playback

Playlisting and Scheduling

Ethernet for Remote Updating

The Digital Video Machine HD offers flexible playback options with superb video quality. Rugged and compact, it’s the perfect choice for the most demanding applications.

The Digital Video Machine HD is the ultimate high-definition single-channel video player. It provides the highest-quality video in an extremely compact and very reliable form.

It plays from CompactFlash so there are no moving parts to break and with its Ethernet connection.  With a variety of control options – Ethernet, RS-232, playlists, real-time scheduler, GPS-triggers – and outputs – composite, component, HD-SDI – the Digital Video Machine HD is the perfect HD video playback source for any application.

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