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Rugged High-Powered On-Board Audio Amplifier

4-Channel x 350W Amplification (Bridge to 700W)

AES67/Dante Network Audio Input

Remote Control/Monitoring

DC-Powered (24V or 48V)

Vibration-Resistant Design

RideAmp is a high-powered audio amplifier that is purpose-built for onboard applications like dark rides, coasters, trams, and parades. 

At Alcorn McBride, we are dedicated to creating tools that enable attraction designers to completely immerse guests in the themed world that they have envisioned.  When it comes to high-profile attractions, ride vehicles with onboard audio systems often play a key role in this vision.

RideAmp is the industry’s first high-powered audio amplifier that has been specifically designed for vehicles used in themed attractions.  It provides 4-channels of amplification capable of delivering a formidable 350W of output power per channel.  Want to breathe a little extra life into those large subwoofers or bass transducers?  Simply bridge outputs to achieve up to 700W of bone-crunching output power.

When combined with the incredible capabilities of RidePlayer, RideAmp delivers features never before seen in a vehicle amplifier.  This includes Dante/AES67 network audio input for all-digital signal distribution, protecting your audio experience from the electrical noise introduced by the motors and actuators in the vehicle.  This same connection also enables intelligent control and status monitoring, allowing you to report the health of the entire onboard audio system to maintenance staff without requiring direct access to the vehicle.

RideAmp delivers the performance and quality of a professional amplifier from a compact and rugged package that’s tough enough to survive a coaster.  Vibration-resistant design, efficient DC power input, locking gain knobs, rugged connectors, and flexible mounting options make this product ideal for even the toughest onboard audio applications.

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