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Frame Accurate Controller

Purpose-built Embedded Design

Easy Timeline Programming

2 Ethernet Ports

16 Opto Inputs/16 Relay Outputs

4 RS-232/422 Ports

Video Frame Synchronization

Real-time Clock

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The V4Pro is a highly reliable frame accurate controller. It is not a PC. Its embedded design means it is capable of running every day for years without ever requiring a reboot, software update or maintenance of any kind.

For over two decades, the V16 has been the industry standard for show control in major theme parks all over the world. The V4Pro builds on that legacy of stability, ease of programming, and reliability and adds customer requested features. For smaller venues, the V4Pro is the perfect solution.

The V4Pro features dual Ethernet ports, real-time clock scheduler, incoming message processing, Graphical User Interface (GUI), and much more. The Timeline feature offers a flexible way to program events on the Pro Controllers, which supports hundreds of time-based and event-based sequences and hundreds of timelines. This feature allows users to add markers, drag and drop events, add triggers, and group related events for fast editing. With the flexibility of timeline, users can change event values and times all while the show is running. Timeline can zoom in to a specific point in the show and mix timed and logical events on a single view without overlapping events.

Better yet, combining the V4Pro with our audio and video players, you create the technical backbone of an attraction without using a single computer or hard drive! This means less downtime, and more predictable operating costs.

Combine the V4Pro with our audio/video players and lighting controllers for a solid system that will outlast any other.

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