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Legacy Firmware


It is our policy to provide firmware updates to the latest version at no charge. This means that even our oldest products can be updated to factory-new condition. To use the files below, refer to the user’s manual of your device. For the files ending in “.hex”, you’ll need an EPROM programmer. If that sounds intimidating to you, you’ll be relieved to know that you can also purchase the latest version in an EPROM from sales for a small charge. If you have any questions, would like to report a bug, or request a new feature, e-mail support.

How to Identify Your Firmware Version

Show controllers with displays show the version during boot up. You can lift the top from controllers that do not have a display and read the label on the firmware. The Binloop.exe program can query the Binloop and its reproducers for their versions. You can use a serial terminal like AMITerm.exe to issue a ?V from the serial port on your PC to any of the audio or video players or the Light Cue. The DVM2 and DVM/HD display the version on their web interfaces (see the manual for details). For products not mentioned here, please see the manual for help.

Legacy Products

File Product Changes Release Notes Date Checksum VREPRO-2 v1.88 Release Notes Nov 26 2013  
re24_123.hex REPRO24 v1.23 Release Notes Feb 18 2008 A0E9 AmpTraXX v1.02 Release Notes Oct 05 2004 DVM4 Contact support Release Notes May 9 2006  
DVM/HD OS Update DVM/HD 2U See Release Notes Release Notes Apr 26 2007 na
  Information Station and Information Station HD Contact support DVM2 For upgrading from 0.48 and later only Release Notes Feb 2 2005 DVM2 For upgrading from 0.47 and earlier OR creating a new hard drive. Release Notes Feb 2 2005  
mp040329.bin MP3 Audio Machine Added capability for up to 9999 sounds using the 'sounds' subdirectory.  Also added response to stop command.   Mar 29 2004 3D65 Digital Audio Machine AM4 Last 3.X firmware version before 4.X release. 3.X release notes   2013  
mp3mach.mcs MP3 Audio Machine XILINX serial prom 17256XPC IBM Microdrive 512MB & 1GB support. (320MB no longer supp.)   Feb 1 2001 869b
dam3_109.hex Digital Audio Machine AM-3 (Not MP3) Zeroing out DAC at end of play.   Dec 20 2000 1847
dam018.hex Digital Audio Machine AM-2 (Not MP3) Obsolete   Mar 26 1999 f432
dvm119.hex PK-8000 Digital Video Machine Obsolete   Dec 16 1998 0b9d
dvmp215.hex PK-8001 Digital Video Machine     Jul 14 2000 75a4
650_bins.hex Scripted Binloop Supports Timecode Chase features implemented in WinScript 3.0.  Added new DMX Ramp commands for use with variables.   Sep 26 2003 D2DD
reps552.hex 20-Track Binloop Reproducer      Apr 28 1998 9c6c
adhe65.hex 20-Track Binloop Audio Controller Rev H+ and before Even     May 6 1997 2a4a
adho65.hex 20-Track Binloop Audio Controller Rev H+ and before Odd     May 6 1997 4894
adge63.hex 20-Track Binloop Audio Controller Rev G and before Even Obsolete   May 6 1997 27dc
adgo63.hex 20-Track Binloop Audio Controller Rev G and before Odd Obsolete   May 6 1997 39d9
adse65.hex 20-Track Binloop Audio Slave Rev G and before Even Obsolete   May 6 1997 2a4a
adso65.hex 20-Track Binloop Audio Slave Rev G and before Odd Obsolete   May 6 1997 4891
comp021.hex 16-Bit (Compact) Binloop Reproducer Rev B,C,D Obsolete   May 6 1997 1ecd
smpte157.hex 16-Bit (Pro & Compact) Binloop Controller Obsolete   Jun 9 2000 a52e
comp312.hex 16-Bit (Compact) Binloop Reproducer Rev E Re-enabled consecutive socket feature. Release Notes Nov 10 2005 4F41
smpte608.hex Binloop Controller Rev. E Compatible with Repro24D/V Release Notes Dec 14 2007 3D70
smpte500.hex Binloop Controller Rev. D Compatible with new VFD display in 16-slot Binloop. BW compatible with 12-slot LCD. Release Notes Jun 1 2006 3A1B
vcomp218.hex MPEG-1 Video Reproducer (Low Bit-Rate) Obsolete   Nov 6 1997 2f6c
vidr204.hex MPEG-1 Video Reproducer     Apr 13 2001 5CB1
dmx539.hex V16 DMX Obsolete   May 6 1997 522a
cdt_r601.hex CD Think Rack Obsolete   May 6 1997 d309
653_v4p.hex V4+ See Release Notes Release Notes Nov 02 2009 E8F0
653_v2p.hex V2+ See Release Notes Release Notes Nov 02 2009 EBD8
smach173.hex SMPTE Machine See Release Notes Release Notes July 23 2010 BD37 WEBster See Relase Notes Release Notes June 23 2009 na ShowTouch - Rugged Touchscreen Interface 2.63 (version prior to WS4) Release Notes June 2014 8TraXX (legacy) v2.5 / 262A Release Notes Sep 16 2008  
lcue231.hex LightCue DMX Section v2.31 / 0E4C Release Notes July 03 2007  
lcue200.hex LightCue SMPTE Section B2A0   Jan 17 2007  
653_ia.hex InterActivator v6.53 / DDC1 Release Notes Nov 02 2009