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It is our commitment to provide software updates to the latest version at no charge. This means that even our oldest products can be updated to factory-new condition. If you have any questions, would like to report a bug, or request a new feature, please contact support.

Popular Downloads

WinScript Live 5

Write scripts for Alcorn Show Controllers dynamically and without resource limits.


Transcode video for Alcorn McBride video products. Free Demo.

Binloop Config
Binloop Config

Used to configure and control our full line of Binloop products.

Current Software

Application Description Download
WinScript Live 5 (Windows) Alcorn McBride Show Control IDE for Windows
WinScript Live 5 (OS X) Alcorn McBride Show Control IDE for OS X
MediaFlow Video encoding tool used to prepare content for video playback products
AMI Terminal Serial/Ethernet control utility for Windows
Binloop Config Configuration utility for Binloop products.
V-Page + V-Com Utilites Configuration and Test Utility for V-Page and V-Com units
TraXX Config Configuration utility for 8TraXX, ProTraXX, and TourTraXX
GPS Builder GPS playlist utility for GPS-enabled media playback products
Playlist Builder Playlist creation utility for media playback products
Schedule Builder Schedule creation utility for media playback products equipped with real-time scheduler
Amp Builder Configuration Utility for AmpTraXX

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*Disclaimer: Software has been tested on the indicated platforms. While it may work on older or newer platforms, please do so at your own risk.