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Show Control and Audio Video Playback

From small players for individual exhibits to multi-zone BGM to large scale theatrical systems you can find the features you need and the dependability you require. Browse our product categories below:


Dark Ride IO Ride Vehicles

Dark Ride

Dark Rides are often the main attractions of major theme parks and incorporate everything from highly themed scenery, props, video, audio, animatronics, lighting, and ride systems.

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Video Wall

Video Wall

Introduction With the rapid expansion of flat-panel and LED wall technology, video walls are so ubiquitous that they have become a common part of modern

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LED Wall Thumbnail

LED Wall

Introduction A typical LED wall system consists of multiple LED panels that lock together a bit like LEGO blocks for scalability.  They are often linked

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Dark Ride - Smart Glasses

AR Captioning

Introduction Captioning is reinforcing audio experiences with text.  This offers an alternative experience for those that are unable to hear the audio or understand the

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The V16X and RidePlayer offer a suite of features like advanced network synchronization, integrated show control, and multi-track polyphonic audio playback that make even the toughest parades simple to implement.

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4D Theater

Introduction A typical 4D theater show is based around high-quality 3D projection and surround sound.  To make the experience more immersive for guests, precisely timed

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