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16 Channel Audio Repeater with Zone Paging

Ethernet for Remote Updating

Microphone/Aux Input for Zone Paging

Over 100 Hours of Playback

Real-Time Clock Scheduler

No Moving Parts

ProTraXX offers high-quality MP3 audio playback in a compact, solid-state unit. It is the go-to unit for multi-zone playback.

ProTraXX plays eight independent stereo, or sixteen independent mono tracks from a single, economical rackmount unit. Each track can be individually triggered using serial, Ethernet, or its own discrete input — contact closure or voltage — allowing direct connection to proximity sensors or switches, making it ideal for audio effects in dark rides, interactive museum exhibits, and visitor centers.

With remote updating via Ethernet, the ProTraXX is perfect for retail applications that require frequent modifications, such as audible signage. The Microphone/Aux audio input allows for playback of BGM with live or pre-recorded paging in each zone.

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