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It is our policy to provide firmware updates to the latest version at no charge. This means that even our oldest products can be updated to factory-new condition. To use the files below, refer to the user’s manual of your device. For the files ending in “.hex”, you’ll need an EPROM programmer. If that sounds intimidating to you, you’ll be relieved to know that you can also purchase the latest version in an EPROM from sales for a small charge. If you have any questions, would like to report a bug, or request a new feature, e-mail support.

How to Identify Your Firmware Version

Most products with displays show the version during power up and allow the version information to be accessed using a front-panel menu system.  Alternatively, you can also use our AMI Terminal software to request version information over Serial or Ethernet connection.

Current Products

BinloopXFirmware for BinloopX
DBAP5Firmware for DBAP5 controller card
DBAP4Firmware for DBAP4 controller card
REPRO16VFirmware for REPRO16V reproducer card
REPRO24DFirmware for REPRO24D reproducer card
REPROHDFirmware for REPROHD1 reproducer card
REPROHD2Firmware for REPROHD2 reproducer card
REPRO2KUFirmware for REPRO2KU reproducer card