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DMX Recorder with Ethernet Control

Ethernet Control

Records output of any lighting board

Stores up to 100 hours of DMX data

Can “pile-on” up to 40 simultaneous cues

Switch between “live” DMX input and recorded material

Stand-alone or controller driven operation

Jam syncs to SMPTE incoming timecode

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The LightCue takes the features of our LightCue Pro multi-universe DMX recorder/player and brings it to the single DMX universe.

Applications: Dark Rides, 4D Movies. Stage Shows, Architectural Lighting

LightCue is designed to replace bulky and expensive lighting consoles in permanent installations. Simply use your favorite lighting console to program your lighting as you would normally. Then, record the DMX output of your console into the LightCue. Take the console away and you are ready to go!

The LightCue can be controlled via Ethernet, RS-232, SMPTE timecode, contact closure/voltage inputs, cue lists, or the real-time scheduler (including sunrise/sunset). You can even pile on up to 40 cues (HTP or LTP) at one time for complex shows/rides. With no moving parts, the LightCue will run for years without any maintenance.

The LightCue is the perfect solution for any lighting system.

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