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LightCue Pro

DMX Recorder

Records 4 Universes of DMX in Real-Time

Records Output of Any Lighting Board

Up to 40 “Pile-Ons”

Over 100 hours of playback

Stores Preset “Looks” for Overrides

Parallel, SMPTE, Serial & Ethernet Control

Real-Time Clock Scheduling

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Why leave an expensive lighting console in a permanent automated installation? The LightCue Pro can handle the job at a fraction of the cost.

Records any DMX Data

Use your favorite lighting board to design your show and then record the actual real-time DMX data stream. The LightCue Pro will capture four universes perfectly, and play them back exactly the same every time.

Store Preset Looks

Need a “blackout” that the technical director can call up at a moment’s notice? Or how about day and night presets, or dinner lighting? Or perhaps even an hour-long “sunset”? The LightCue Pro can store them each as a preset “look”.

Easy to Use

It’s easy to operate from front-panel push-buttons, SMPTE, RS-232, Ethernet, or parallel contacts. You can also create a schedule to trigger playback using the built-in real-time clock. And the LightCue Pro comes with cue management software that allows you to examine and edit the recorded DMX data on your PC.


The LightCue Pro frees your lighting designer to use his favorite lighting board during programming. Then the LightCue Pro takes its place in your permanent installation, where it will operate reliably and economically for a long, long time.

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