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Digital Audio Machine – Model AM4

Professional audio player with versatile options and built-in GPS

Plays MP3s and WAVs from Compact Flash

Real-Time Clock Scheduler and Playlists

Serial or Parallel Control

GPS Input

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PRODUCT NOTICE: We no longer manufacture or sell the AM4. The DVM8500 shares many similar features as the AM4, including the ability to play .mp3 and .wav files, and trigger them from GPS cues. Please contact [email protected] for additional information.

The Digital Audio Machine is a studio-quality MP3 and WAV player with all the interfaces sound contractors need for professional installations.

The Digital Audio Machine stores its sounds on Compact Flash cards, so playback is virtually instantaneous. You can create and edit your audio using your desktop PC. Then just copy the clip to the media or transfer it via the Ethernet option.

Clips may be triggered using external contacts or pushbuttons, serial RS-232 messages, Ethernet, playlists, or the built-in real-time scheduler. The unit can also simply loop continuously when powered. It fits almost anywhere, from the dashboard to the rack, and even works in high vibration environments, such as roller coasters! Power it with a 12V battery or the included AC adapter.

The Digital Audio Machine is also a terrific player for GPS-triggered transportation applications. When connected to a GPS receiver (see the accessories page), the Digital Audio Machine steps through cues automatically as it moves through user-defined geographical zones!

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