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V-Page VP32K

Intelligent 32-Zone Paging Station Kit

Up to 32 zones for customized consoles

Audio, control, and power over Ethernet

Compatible with Q-SYS

Compatible with Dante and AES67 audio networks

SFP network interface support

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32-Zone Intelligent Paging Station Kit

We believe that paging solutions should be a breeze to install and intuitive to operate. That’s why we designed our V-Page family of products to leverage the flexibility of industry-standard DSP platforms like Q-SYS and provide a simple button-based UI that just makes sense.

The VP32K is a paging station kit that allows you to create customized paging consoles with up to 32-zones of control. This kit is designed to mount on a standard DIN rail inside the console and comes with a microphone, microphone clip, and panel-mount XLR harness.

A single Ethernet cable provides Dante/AES67 network audio, power (PoE), and control between each V-Page station and the equipment room where the DSP is located. It even supports SFP network modules for applications that require a long run back to the equipment room.

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