Products Designed for Themed Entertainment

How to Purchase


We like to make working with us as easy as possible.  The simplest way to pay for things is via credit card, right?  Well, that works for us too!  Contact sales and we will process it for you.  Interested in payment terms?  Our general rule of thumb is all new customers need to place their first order via credit card.  After that, we ask for minimum annual sales of $100K in order to be considered* for terms 

*Everything needs a disclaimer.  Once you reach $100K/year in sales with us we’d be happy to process a credit application for your next year of business with us.  We also accept wire transfers and cash delivered in large briefcases.  That would be super fun.  Oh, and, certain exceptions apply.  (That is standard disclaimer lingo.)  Have questions? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.  


We have fantastic Distribution Partners all over the world who stock our gear and provide local technical support.  Please click HERE to view the map and find contact information.