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Redundant Power Supply

The BX-CAGE is a replacement chassis for the BinloopX which includes a power supply and LCD displays. The control and A/V slots are empty.

This replacement chassis is available to service failed or damaged BinloopX units in the field.  It does not include the BX-CON1 controller module that comes standard with the BinloopX.  This is offered as a separate accessory so that if you already have a BX-CON1 controller module and A/V modules, you can simply migrate them to this chassis.

This part should only be ordered for servicing existing units.  If you wish to order a new BinloopX system, you should order our BINLOOPX product along with any additional A/V modules that you may require (i.e. BX-16A).

Please contact our sales and support team with any questions!

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