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Cobranet RJ45 “Y” Cable

Expands Cobranet Support to 32-Channels

Standard RJ45 Male Connectors

This cable is required to support 32-channels of audio on the Digital Binloop and A/V Binloop

The Cobranet card accessory that is offered for our Digital Binloop, A/V Binloop, and A/V Binloop HD products includes two Ethernet interfaces on a single RJ45F connector.  For applications that use 16-channels of audio (or less), a single RJ45 connection to this port is all that is required.  However, this “Y” adapter is needed to access both Ethernet interfaces when utilizing between 17-32 audio channels.

This adapter cable is included with the Cobranet card accessory, but it can also be purchased separately in the event it is lost or damaged.

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