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M12 X-Code Ethernet Cable

Rugged M12 X-Code Connectors

Durable Molding

Vibration-resistant Locking Design

This cable can be used to connect between the Ethernet interfaces of RidePlayer and RideAmp units. 

This is an M12 X-Code Male to M12 X-Code Male cable.  It’s designed to interface between multiple devices that use the M12 X-Code standard, such as our RidePlayer and RideAmp family of products.  For example, multiple cables could be used to daisy-chain the network audio output of a RidePlayer to multiple RideAmp units.

We keep a stock of this 2 meter (6.5ft) cable for quick integration projects or bench testing applications.  However, we do have the ability to have these cables custom-made to your length specifications.  This is a fantastic way to get professionally terminated cables made to fit your fleet of ride vehicles perfectly.

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