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CompactFlash Drive

High-Performance for Smooth Playback

Solid-State Reliability

Tested for Compatibility

These CompactFlash drives have been thoroughly tested to ensure reliable performance and compatibility for Alcorn McBride products

We currently offer 6 models of CompactFlash. These 3 models are recommended for compatibility with the Digital Binloop and A/V Binloop:

  • CF2GB – 2GB SLC CompactFlash Card
  • CF4GB – 4GB SLC CompactFlash Card
  • CF8GB – 8GB SLC CompactFlash Card


These 3 models are recommended for the A/V Binloop HD and Digital Video Machine HD products:

  • CF16GB – 16GB ATP CompactFlash Card
  • CF32GB – 32GB ATP CompactFlash Card
  • CF64GB – 64GB ATP CompactFlash Card


Content is loaded to these drives using a USB interface, such as our CFAUSB adapter.

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