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RideAmp-350Q Connector Kit

Gold-Plated Vibration-Resistant Pins

Spare Connectors and Pins

Customize Any RideAmp-350Q System

This kit includes a full set of unterminated Molex MiniFit Jr. connectors and pins for a RideAmp-350Q unit

Most on-board systems use highly customized wiring to suit the vehicle design.  For that reason, our RideAmp-350Q uses Molex MiniFit Jr. style connectors for quick and easy custom termination.  For convenience, we have put together a kit of the unterminated Molex connectors and pins required to build custom cables for your ride vehicle.

This kit includes:

  • (1) 6×2 Molex Connector – Balanced Audio Inputs
  • (1) 4×2 Molex Connector – Speakers
  • (1) 2×1 Molex Connector – Power
  • (14) 18-24AWG Gold-Plated Molex Pins – Balanced Audio Inputs
  • (10) 16AWG Gold-Plated Molex Pins – Speakers
  • (4) 10-12AWG Gold-Plated Molex Pins – Power

If you need pre-fabricated cables for easy bench testing or mockups, our DEVKIT-RIDEAMP-350Q accessory provides a complete set of terminated Molex connectors with pigtails, Ethernet cables, and a power supply.  Also keep in mind that the RideAmp-350Q User’s Guide also provides a complete pinout of every connector along with the associated Molex part numbers, recommended wire gauge, etc.

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