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Binloop Controller Card


Precise Frame and Sample Synchronization

Ethernet, Serial, and GPIO Control

Genlock Input


This controller card manages all synchronization and control interfaces for the Binloop family of products. 

This card handles all communication and control interfaces within the Binloop.  It can take triggers from numerous interfaces such as SMPTE LTC, GPIO, serial, and Ethernet.  It also uses advanced clock distribution to ensure that all video and audio playback occurs with perfect synchronization.

Typically, the DBAP5 controller card is included with your original Binloop purchase.  However, we also offer the DBAP5 as a separate item so that spares can be purchased and installed in the field as needed.

These cards can be installed by removing the small front-panel cover plate (with the display and menu wheel) on the Binloop chassis and inserting it into the dedicated controller card slot.

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