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Handheld Dynamic Microphone /w PTT

Rugged 5-pin XLR Connector

PTT Button

Coiled Cable with Strain Relief

This dynamic handheld microphone /w push-to-talk button is the perfect companion for our V-Page stations

This handheld microphone has a coiled cable that is terminated with a 5-pin male XLR connector.  This allows it to mate easily with our VP4X and VP16K paging stations to provide a dynamic microphone input and a push-to-talk (PTT) signal.  This item also includes the hook hardware used to secure the microphone to a surface.

The EV US600EL microphone comes included with every V-Page VP4X station, so this item should only be purchased as a spare component or replacement part for the VP4X.

The V-Page VP16K paging station kit does not come with a microphone, so this microphone would be a good solution for consoles that require a handheld PTT microphone.

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