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Synchronized Multi-Channel MP3 Player

Ethernet for Remote Updating

Rugged Automotive Connectors

Spot Logging Capabilities

Files Stored on CompactFlash

No Moving Parts

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Audio playback ready to rock! RideTraXX is a multi-channel synchronized Audio Player designed for high inertia vehicle applications. It is ideal for dark rides and roller coasters.

RideTraXX is engineered for onboard audio playback in the most demanding applications. It plays up to 16 synchronous channels (16 at 128kbps or 10 at 192kbps). MP3 files are stored on CompactFlash for a rugged, reliable, maintenance-free solution. It is sized to fit almost anywhere and works in high vibration, high inertia environments. The unit is conformal coated to withstand harsh conditions. RideTraXX is ideal for dark rides, simulators, and roller coasters.

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