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Fiber-Optic 12G-SDI Transceiver SFP Module

Distribute High-Quality Video Optically from BinloopX

Extend 12G-SDI up to 28 Miles

This SFP Module enables you to distribute fiber-optic 12G-SDI between a BinloopX BX-4KU and the endpoint device

The BinloopX BX-4KU video module includes an SFP cage for the purpose of distributing 12G-SDI via a fiber-optic connection.  This SFP module is what implements this capability between the BX-4KU and the end-point device, which is typically a 12G-SDI fiber to Coax 12G-SDI or HDMI converter.

When purchasing these SFP modules for a new attraction, be sure to order them in pairs; one for the BX-4KU and another for the end point device.  Otherwise, these modules can be purchased individually for field replacements.

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