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ShowTouch for iOS and iBeacons

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Now iOS devices can react automatically to locations throughout a facility using our ShowTouch for iOS and Apple’s new iBeacons. Maintenance and Operations personnel equipped with an iPad or other iOS device will be presented with an automatically selected user interface, depending upon where they are.

So what’s an iBeacon? iBeacons are tiny devices that require no external power source and can be located anywhere throughout a facility. Our Touch software makes it easy to configure what screens appear when near each iBeacon.

When ShowTouch for iOS is paired with iBeacons, any iOS device will react automatically to the user’s location. For example, diagnostic screens can appear automatically as maintenance personnel move from one piece of equipment to another. Or a museum docent conducting a guided tour can be presented with a screen tailored to their needs as they approach each exhibit. Since they are pre-programmed to work with ShowTouch for iOS, you can create beautiful graphical interfaces to control an entire facility by communicating wirelessly with our Networked Controllers.

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