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Input/Output expander

Control Almost Any Serial Device

32 Optically Isolated Inputs

32 Discrete Outputs with Self-Restoring Fuses

Removable Terminal Blocks

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The IO64 is an input/output expander for our other products.

Anyone who’s owned a PC takes the occasional crash and reboot for granted. With show control that’s simply not an option. That’s why our products use special, highly reliable hardware, connectors, and our super-stable ScriptOS real-time operating system. Some Alcorn McBride show controllers have been powered up and operating continuously for twenty years without a reboot or power cycle. Try that with a PC!

The IO64 has one RS-232 serial port, brought out on an easy-to-use DB-9 connector. This port may be configured for MIDI. The IO64 uses self-restoring polymer fuses on its 32 discrete outputs. Even a dead short in the field won’t harm them; they simply open the circuit until the problem is corrected, then almost miraculously heal themselves.

All inputs and outputs are brought to removable Phoenix-type terminal blocks, so it’s easy to swap without undoing a bunch of wires.

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