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WinScript Live 5.7.7 Has Arrived!

Published 5/28/20

WinScript auto-updates will begin detecting WinScript Live 5.7.7 later today. In this update, you can find the following feature adds and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • (WinScript Live) Added the ability to import sequence information from another script to make it easier to launch sequences on external controllers.
  •  For more details on new features, see User Guide (“Help” > “Help Topics” in WinScript Live.)


  • (WinScript Live) Moved the RidePlayer’s Audio Dashboard to the “View” menu and added a dashboard button next to the Watchlist and Live Log buttons.
  • (WinScript Live) Added a shortcut to the DSP/Bridging settings dialog on the Audio Outputs screen.
  • (WinScript Live) Added updated product file for Tempest G4 enclosure.

Bug Fixes:

  • (All Products) Fixed crash introduced in 5.7.0 when setting a bit of an array element remotely.
  • (AMI Terminal) Fixed issue that could cause AMI Terminal to not launch under certain conditions.
  • (ShowTouch) Fixed issue that could cause Touch image assets to not be stored correctly in the script. Re-import missing images using packaged version of WinScript Live and re-save script to resolve.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue that would cause the properties pane to be blank when closed and re-opened.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue that could cause WinScript to crash when deleting a Touch page in the Touch editor.

To manually download this update, please visit our software page.