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WinScript Live 5.9.0 Has Arrived!

Published 8/6/20

WinScript auto-updates will begin detecting WinScript Live 5.9.0 later today. In this update, you can find the following feature adds and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • (RidePlayer) DSP is now applied to network audio output as well as analog audio output.
  •  For more details on new features, see User Guide (“Help” > “Help Topics” in WinScript Live.)


  • (ShowTouch) Added the ability for sliders to display and control decimal variables as well as integers.

Bug Fixes:

  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue that caused the number of available RidePlayer tracks shown in the audio dashboard to be erroneously low.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue that caused RidePlayer audio on player numbers greater than 32 to be mis-attributed to the “auto” player when status was displayed in the audio dashboard.
  • (WinScript Live) Fixed issue that could cause old product files to be considered new, prompting user to update on script open.
  • (V16X) Fixed issue where in certain situations, SMPTE LTC wouldn’t run after boot.
  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issue that would cause audio to be played to wrong outputs when audio outputs had custom names.
  • (RidePlayer) Fixed issue that could cause audio playback problems if many track assignments were made in a single playback event.
  • (ShowTouch) Fixed issue that allowed multiple Touch overlays to display simultaneously, causing them to be unresponsive.
  • (ShowTouch) Fixed issue that could cause asset names to be stored incorrectly if their paths on disk included Unicode characters. (NOTE: Unicode characters in the asset filenames are still unsupported.)
  • (ShowTouch) Fixed issue where the running ShowTouch version number might be displayed incorrectly on the UI.

To manually download this update, please visit our software page.