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Pulling into 2020!

We closed out 2019 with a bang.  We had our biggest growth year in company history and all took time off to recharge and celebrate the holidays with our family.  Now we’re on to a brand new year – often a time for refection, fresh starts, and resolutions.  At Alcorn McBride we set company goals and talk about the things we will accomplish.  We are enthusiastic about our projects and look forward to growing our relationships with our customers. But the real key to making a year a success is more about the people you do these things with.

This picture captures our company culture that Steve has cultivated over 30 years.  We joke and say our company motto is “Have fun, make money.”  Having fun really is at the core of everything we do. The “have fun” part comes easy when you love what you do and the people you do it with and the “make money” part naturally comes along.  That’s our team.  Researching new technologies, setting and packing up trade shows, holding company events, meeting with our customers, hanging out in the conference room watching the monkey-cam (ask later)…our team has fun doing all these things together.  I laugh at work every day.

This picture was taken at the end of a really late night of a trade show.  I asked JR to hop in the wagon and without hesitation Justin offered to pull him.  I giggled all the way home.  Who wouldn’t want to work with people like this?

So…2020 plans for Alcorn McBride?  Have fun make money.  We hope you’ll join us!